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Building A Home In A Controlled Development Part 1

There are a number of ways to get your dream home, each depending on your needs and specifications. If you are looking to have more control over your home’s environment, or having amenities in your estate, getting a home within a controlled development would be the best option for you.

Without the concept of a controlled development, you could end up with unsightly structures adorning the landscape, compromised quality and uncontrolled buildings etc. This, and the fact that controlled developments can offer community, is usually why people opt for this route. While it is more expensive than simply getting a parcel of land, it may be worth the cost to build or buy into a controlled development.

But what is a controlled development? 

Controlled developments usually take the form of gated communities and where people form residents’ associations to look after their interests. Controlled developments take into consideration exit and entry points, perimeter walls and the immediate environment to safeguard the lives and property of its residents.

With controlled developments, there is adequate planning for the estate’s amenities. These include amenities like recreational spaces, kids play grounds, parking spots, shopping places, sewerage systems, garbage collection systems and even schools. Indeed, the complexity and number of amenities tends to separate good estates from mediocre ones.

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