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Are you looking for strong legal support while you navigate the different dynamics of your career, investments, personal life, and society? AMMLAW is the partner for you. We provide legal advice to the most innovative creatives and emerging companies in sectors such as digital media, tech, intellectual property and real estate. The firm brings extensive experience and professionalism to every assignment and customizes support to each client’s needs and concerns.

The firm is on the pulse of modern technology and digital media, continually monitoring its evolution to inform the firm’s own legal approaches and client interactions. Whether you are a corporate, an individual, a small business owner, society, or any other affiliate body, we will not only protect your interests, but we will also help it thrive.

“We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.”

— Edmund Burke

Managing Partner

As an advocate of the High Court of Kenya & Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales, Andrew deeply understands and embraces his client’s needs and aspirations. Over the course of his legal career, he has collaborated with numerous firms, advocating for both local and international clients. Eventually, […]

Senior Partner

Maureen’s primary focus lies in the realms of environmental law, water law, and renewable energy. Her expertise encompasses services such as Environmental Impact Assessments, contract reviews in the renewable energy sector, and negotiation of power distribution agreements. Before co-founding AMMLAW, Maureen served as a judge in the National Environment Tribunal […]

Senior Associate

Erica brings a wealth of experience in advising on company incorporations, compliance, and data privacy for both local and foreign entities. Her expertise extends to commercial and corporate transactions, with a specific focus on strategic management, a key component of our firm’s practice areas. In recent years, Erica has dedicated […]

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With a mark for excellence and passion, AMMLAW has built a reputation in responding to its clients’ needs with precision and a passionate endeavor to serve and represent its clients in the best way possible.

The Firm:

Founded in 2013, the firm handles transactions of various proportions on behalf of local and international corporates, small to medium sized enterprises and established businesses. The firm has frequently been engaged in foreign and domestic private equity transactions. Key amongst the firm’s competencies is the ability to respond to clients on short notice while offering above-par standards of quality in the delivery of legal briefs.

AMMLAW represents diverse clients in:

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